1967 corvair shop manual original print

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1967 corvair  models   original print shop manual supplement  this book was printed by Chevrolet and given out to dealer ships to help service personal to repair and service the cars this book covers items like  heater frame, frt suspension, brakes, engine,  fuel systems  electrical, steering clutch, wheels and tires, bumpers and  accessories this book was printed in 1966 and has many pictures diagrams and charts  was used with 1965  chassis book and covers the changes from 65 to the 67 models  a must for any person who owns and 1967    model aprox 80 pages long and is in very good used condition no pages missing or torn and not written in   size is 8 1/2  x 11 inches  this book covers corvairs only and is used to supplement the 1965 chassis service manual that covers general cars

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  • 1967 chevrolet corvair