1963 1964 mercury rechromed rear bumper

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 This sale is for a factory original rear  bumper assembly. Shows fits 1963 and 1964  mercury  full size   models       This item  has been  straightened and polished and dents , bends, and and scratches removed. then rechromed. The chroming is high quality however it is NOT perfect  show quality. This item is great for 90% of the cars . <U><STRONG><EM>Sale is for a ready to install bumper with no core bumper required &nbsp;or no core charge charged</EM></STRONG></U>  sold as shown  NOTE WE NORMALLY TAKE A PIC OF THE ENTIRE BUMPER BUT SOMEHOW THAT PHOTO IS MISSING   WE ALSO TOOK CLOSE UP OF EACH END AND CENTER   AND BUMPER HAS BEEN WRAPPED AND PUT UP SO WE DO NOT A THE FULL BUMPER PIC JUST THE  ONES YOU SEE   IT WAS OUR MISTAKE BUT BUMPER IS RECHOMED FINE JUST NO WHOLE BUMPER PIC