1953-74 Corvette parts & illustration book orig gm print

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nice used feb 1974 printing of a chevrolet corvette master parts book,covers 1953 thru the 1974 Chevrolet Corvettemodel year. contains both the chassis and body sections covering all groups . .00 thru 15.00 contains part numbers and descriptions and  illustrations  .. , book list all parts serviced by gm in 1974. many of these numbers are long discontinued and no longer listed in current parts books. a valuable info source for any restoration. include the following

  • 0.00.. engine clutch 1.00 cooling, oiling ... 2.00 electrical ... 3.0 fuel, ...exaust
  • 4.00 transmission,brake... 5.00 brakes,rear axle ... 6.00 front susp, steering...
  • 7.00 springs,shocks,bumpers... 8.00 sheet metal, heater...8.90 standard parts (nutsbolts etc)...9.00 air conditioning...
  • 10.00door hardware,glass...11.00 rear qtr hardware...12.00 body trim mouldings, body sheet metal ...13.00body wiring,folding top....14.00 headlining...15.00 trim
  • the book also has a chassis illustration index,model info,trim info, exterior paint info.sections