1936 automobile digest engine service manual most cars gm ford mopar plus others # 1936esm

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This is an original 1936 printing of the automobile digest engine service manual # 1936esm. Over 80 pagesin length  It is in poor to fair condition with considralbe wear to the covers but pages are food.  It covers servicing 1934 1935 1936 engines including engine mounting cylinder and head piston pin and rings connecting rod replacement main bearings valve mechanism water pump and fan ignition distributor and ignition timing carburetor engine lubrication crankshaft for the following models

  • listed as fitting
  • Buick "40" engine, Chevrolet engine, Chrysler and dodge engines, Ford V8 engine, Graham engines, Hudson-Terraplane engines Lafayette engine, oldsmobile engines, Packard 12th series engine, Packard 120 engine, Plymouth engine, Pontiac engines, Studebaker engines, Willys 77 engine

 Also included there are the following sections

analyzing engine noises ( a 3 part series, Correcting fuel pump troubles, Servicing Superchargers, Requirements of good reconditiong, Finding and fixing oil troubles, what the vacuum gauge tells